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Comparison The Activity Rate of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin in Obese with normal weight People (282244 Views)
Cloning and Expression of Leptospira LipL32 Antigen as a Candidate for Rapid Diagnosis (55698 Views)
The Effect of Salmon Fish’s Oil on Avoidance Learning in Mature Male Rats (54629 Views)
Evaluation of Absorbed Dose of Critical Organ in Rando Phantom under Head, Abdomen and Pelvis Spiral CT Scan by Thermo Luminescent Dosimetery - TLD (46861 Views)
Investigating the Protective Effects of Vitamin D on Diabete (36068 Views)
The Comparison of Burn Injury (Second Degree) Recovery Using Silver Sulphadiazine Ointment 1% and the Combination of Mastic Gum with Ghee (35738 Views)
The protective effects of vitamin E and C against oxidative stress induced by sulfasalazine in the testis of male adult rats (34596 Views)
Review of Differentiation and Proliferation of Primordial Germ Cells in Culture (32497 Views)
Seroprevalence of CMV and Rubella in Women with Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion in Comparison with Normal Delivery (32101 Views)
A Review: Role of oxidative stress in male infertility (30298 Views)
Detection of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis by PCR in Fasa district in 2012 (30140 Views)
The effect of immobilization stress on the HPG axis (hypothalamic - pituitary - gonad) hormones and the number of spermatogonia (29073 Views)
Measuring Health Belief Model components in adopting preventive behaviors of cervical cancer (28678 Views)
The Antioxidant Capacities and Total Phenolic Contents of Some Medicinal Plants in Iran (27553 Views)
Strength and Weakness of Crisis Management in Hormozgan Medical University’s Hospitals (27268 Views)
Preventive Effect of Berberis Integerrima on the Serum Levels of Glucose and Lipids in Streptozotocin (STZ)-Induced Diabetes in Rats (27115 Views)
Application of Theory of Planned Behavior in Predicting Factors of Substance Abuse in Adolescents (27076 Views)
Prevalence Rate of Congenital Anomaly of Male Newborn in Fasa Hospital (26785 Views)
Survey of Nurses' Viewpoints on Causes of Medicinal Errors and Barriers to Reporting in Pediatric Units in Hospitals of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (26679 Views)
The Effect of Interaction of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Ginger Rhizome (Zingiber Officinale) with Nitric Oxide System on Mechanical Activity of Isolated Trachea of Male Rats (26577 Views)
Antimicrobial activity of Pullulan film incorporated with Artemisia sieberi essential oil (26498 Views)
The Effectiveness of Education Based on BASNEF Model Program in Promotion of Preventive Behavior of Leishmaniasis among Health Workers and Families under Health Centers Coverage (26065 Views)
Relationship between athlete’s men cortisol with leukocytosis and Neutrophils numbers after exercise in cold, warm and normal temperatures conditions (26050 Views)
The Role of Wnt/β-catenin Signaling Pathway in Rat Primordial Germ Cells Reprogramming and Induction into Pluripotent State (25957 Views)
Rapid Homemade Reverse Transcriptase PCR Detection and Phylogenetic Analysis for SARS-CoV-2 Based on E and M Genes (25768 Views)
Assessing Quality Of Life and related factors in Bushehr,s elders – 1387-8 (25596 Views)
The Effect of Decision Aid's Pakage in Selected Treatment by Patients with Early Stage Breast Cancer and Decision making Outcomes (25389 Views)
The Effect of Hydro-Alcoholic Garlic Extract on Testis Weight and Spermatogenesis in Mature Male Rats under Chemotherapy with Cyclophosphamide (24786 Views)
Mediating Role of Self-Concept in Perfectionism and Mental Health of Adolescents in the City of Shiraz in 2012 (24758 Views)
Protective Effect of Berberis integerrima Fruit Extract on Carbon-Tetrachloride Induced Hepatotoxicity in Rats (24757 Views)
Isolation and Identification of Pyrene-degrading Bacteria from Soils around Landfills in Shiraz and Their Growth Kinetic Assay (24629 Views)
A survey on Bacterial Contamination of Food Supply in the West of Tehran (24581 Views)
DNA Fingerprinting Based on Repetitive Sequences of Iranian Indigenous Lactobacilli Species by (GTG)5- REP-PCR (24484 Views)
Association of IL18 gene polymorphisms (positions -656 G/T, -137 G/C and +105A/C) with Kala-Azar (24362 Views)
The Role of Parabrachial GABAA Receptors in Pain Modulation in Rats (24124 Views)
Genotypic and Phylogenic Analysis of Lactobacilli Producing Bacteriocin Isolated from Traditional Dairy Products and Food (24095 Views)
Assessment of Knowledge, Health Belief and Patterns of Cigarette Smoking Among Adolescents (23979 Views)
Antibacterial Effect of CrO and CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles upon Staphylococcus aureus (23591 Views)
Analyzing Bacterial Agents of Keratoconjunctivitis in Patients Referred to Ophthalmology Ward of Feiz Hospital in Isfahan (23472 Views)
Prevalence of post-stroke depression and its relationship with risk factors for stroke (22689 Views)
The Comparison of Pretreatment Effects of Boiled Coffee and Curcuruma Longa on Serum Albumin as a Liver Indicator in Male Rats Injected with Tioacetamide (21990 Views)
Analysis of Bacterial Contamination in Anesthetic Equipments in Operation Room of Vali-E-Asr Hospital of Fasa Efficiency of Disinfection Methods (21915 Views)
Vitamin D deficiency and stroke (21906 Views)
Assessing The Effect of Hydro-alcoholic Leaf Extract of Mespilus germanica on the Blood levels of Glucose and Lipids in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Male Rats (21893 Views)
Prevalence of renal tubular dysfunction in beta thalassemia minor in shiraz (21528 Views)
Impact of Education Based on Health Belief Model in Isfahanese Housewives in Preventing H. pylori infection (21393 Views)
Caesarean Section Change Trends in Iran and Some Demographic Factors Associated with them in the Past Three Decades (21167 Views)
The Effect of Microwave Ovens Radiation Leakage on Testis Tissue and Sex Hormones in Immature Mice (21014 Views)
Reliability, Validity and Factor Structure of the Persian Translation of General Health Questionnire (GHQ-28) in Hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences (20945 Views)
Self-Regulation Behaviors of Hypertension and Related Factors Among Hypertensive Patients (20876 Views)
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